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Updated: May 5, 2019

Welcome to Wander Travel Photography! I'm Matt, the guy behind the site. The name "Wander" represents the joy in finding yourself someplace new, the excitement of exploring without an agenda, the growth that comes from immersing yourself in other cultures. I started Wander to showcase my adventures, to challenge myself to elevate and refine my craft, to "put myself out there", and most of all to inspire others to go out and have adventures too! I'm just getting started here. So if you're a little underwhelmed with the amount of content today, please subscribe to get updates as along the way.

For the first update, I want to tell you about my upcoming trip to the NightScaper Conference! This is the first event of its kind and will bring together some of the most influential astro-landscape photographers of our time. I'm excited to be a part of it. I'll also be participating in some of the workshops offered through the conference to refine my skills. I'll be learning from Christine Kenyon (who was recently featured in Nikon 100), Wayne Pinkston (a master of low-level lighting), and David Swindler of Action Photo Tours who will be sharing editing tips to take nightscape photos to the next level. That's not to mention the other expert speakers (16 total) showcased in the conference program. I'll definitely be posting about my experiences in Moab, so stay tuned!

Below are links to some of the influencers involved with the NightScaper Conference. Have a look at their work. I'm sure they'll provide some inspiration, just as they've done for me.


Royce Bair

Royce is the author of the best-selling Milky Way NightScapes eBook and founder of the NightScaper Conference.


Christine Kenyon

Nikon named Christine one of “100 rising stars in photography,” and Business Insider listed her in “20 of the best up-and-coming photographers across the world you can follow on Instagram.”


David Swindler

David Swindler is a National Geographic award-winning landscape and wildlife photographer.


Wayne Pinkston

Wayne is the co-founder of

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