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On the job. Wander Travel Photography.

Wander is about the joy of adventure and the exhilaration of something new.  We find an elemental satisfaction in being lost, setting out with no agenda, and experiencing each moment as it comes.  Wander showcases a selected set of artwork that captures the awesome world around us.  We seek to create striking pieces of art photography that are captivating yet subtle, grand yet understated. 

Who is Wander?


I started Wander as a creative outlet to share my vision of the beauty in nature with the world.  I was first introduced to photography in middle school, where I learned the basics: rule thirds, keep it simple, zoom with your feet, etc.  I've always awed at an Ansel Adams print.  However, it wasn't until adulthood that I felt a need to create photography as an art form.  My wife and I love to travel.  I crave it if I'm still for too long.  While we were still dating, we made it a bucket-list item to visit all of the national parks in the United States.  (We're now up to 17 and counting!)  After trips to Alaska, Dry Tortugas, and others, I knew I needed to invest in more than a cell phone camera for these trips.  Today there's nothing I love more than finding myself in the middle of nowhere, vulnerable to Mother Nature and her creation, carefully and meticulously crafting works of art with my camera.  I'm still developing my skills for composition and color.  However, I hope you'll find that the artwork showcased here at Wander has a fresh and nuanced feel, never in your face, and always intriguing.

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